Exercise Title: Image likes and dislikes
Purpose: Start to figure out what sort of images do and do not resonate with you by looking at images from other people.
Method: Look at the supplied magazines and pick out a range of images that you absolutely love and some that you really can't stand.
Analyse: Use your understanding of photography to establish what it is about each image and try and figure out what type of lighting, white balance, lens, aperture and shutter speed were used

Feedback: Seems quite clear that you enjoy simple images that have a nice balance to them. There is also some technical learning to be done. Understanding how your camera will see a situation with a combination of exposure, lens, speed, aperture and white balance will enable you to pick the right combination to achieve what you see in the scene. I’m going to give you a couple of exercises for January which will specifically target these areas.

A great set of analysis Colleen and something you should continue to do whenever you get the opportunity as analysing both our own images and those of other photographers helps us understand what motivates us to click the shutter. Your tastes will change over time which is why I do an exercise like this at least once a year.
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