In late 2014 we decided to change our life completely by selling just about everything we own and start to tour the country in a caravan. We couldn't decide at first between a motorhome or a caravan until we drove a motorhome and quickly realised how limiting that would be for us so, a caravan it was. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made and as of today we continue to tour this amazing country and document our travels as we go. 
The following links provide a glimpse of each completed year including the areas we visited and some of my observations along the way. Clicking on 'Our Travels Archive' at the top of the site will bring you back here to check out another section. 
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2015: Our journey starts in the South Island and finished on the North Island
2016: Our journey continues through the North Island including Hawkes Bay and Taranaki
2017: A return to the South Island and a fantastic trip to Greenland 
2018: Unexpectedly this year we brought a house in Central Otago

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