Exercise Title: Exposure and Post Production one to one demonstration
Purpose: Spend some time together going through what Lightroom can do and work through editing a few images to give you a greater understanding of what each of the editing options can do.
Method: Work together on a few images you have taken and show you some of the editing on my own images.

Feedback: Key learnings from the day were: -
   -  keep an eye on the histogram to get images exposed correctly
   -  use sliders subtly to avoid nasty artefacts in images
   -  use the history to go back to an earlier state of editing
   -  graduated filter:
      > can be dragged from any direction
      > the changes are 100% to the first line, fade to 50% on the middle and 0% at the third
      > the closer the lines the harsher the effect between 100% and 0%
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