Exercise Title: Photographing your emotions
Purpose: Our emotions are powerful things and can help to drive some incredibly powerful imagery. It is no surprise when you discover that a song which particularly gels with you comes from the same pain or joy that the artist had when they wrote and performed the song, the same is true of photography. It is also an incredibly good way of using our skills to work through issues and help them to heal if needed.
Method:  Think about how you feel about recent events and come up with three words that describe those feelings. Then create 3 images to depict them.
Analyse:  Do the images convey the feeling you were trying to express....if not, try again. 

Feedback: Your collection of images were outstanding and definitely brought out a sense of loss in me when I was viewing them. Hopefully this exercise will stick with you and help you find that elusive quality of emotion in images. Fantastic work Colleen and thank you for trusting me on this one.
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