Exercise Title: Create a poster
Purpose: Creating one image is what we do all the time, however, looking at a scene or location with the express intention of creating a series of images to work together really focuses the mind in a different way and is a great exercise to do before even looking through the viewfinder.
Method:  Capture a series of 20 images all monochrome and all square that capture a certain place, theme or event. Pull these together into a poster. See example of mine below. Yours could easily be something like ‘New Architecture in Christchurch Rebuild’ or ‘My Garden’ or ‘Local Beach’ etc, choice is yours. Key thing is that the images should work together and provide the story of the location.
Analyse:  Does the poster work as a whole. If not, what is not working for you and what can you do about it.

Feedback: Some great work and in particular realising that an earlier exercise you did on the colour blue also pulled together nicely into a poster. This led to a more focussed approach to your second go and the result for your home was great. Well done.
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