Exercise Title: Progress Review
Purpose: Reason for this exercise is that it is always important to understand where we were at some point in the past to realise how much we have grown…..and you most definitely have grown as evidenced by the images in your most recent exercise. Personally I’m very pleased, I hope you are to :-).
Method: I’d like you to think back to the start of this year and how you felt about your photography and where you were at. I’d also like you to consider where you wanted to get to during this year.

Analyse: Write down where you feel you have improved and how you feel about your image creation now versus the start of the year. In essence, what has mentoring with me brought to your photography and are you happy with your progress

I am so pleased that you realise just how far you have come in a short space of time. I feel like we can safely say we achieved what we set out to do at the start of the year and you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ll use this analogy again in a group wide blog at some point but deciding to work with a mentor is a bit like going to the gym. It can seem like a really good idea but unless you really want to do it then you don’t gain anything. You have applied yourself to every challenge I have set you and I cannot be more proud of the effort and energy you put into them. 
You’ve managed to break down so many of your own barriers to creating images that it’s great to see you really enjoying the process. 
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