Exercise Title: Landscapes in the City
Purpose: Take your award winning landscape creation principles and apply them in the unfamiliar landscape of the city. This exercise will force you to look closely at how your natural eye for landscape composition works so that you can create that same feeling in a different environment. Once you really understand how what you do works then you can apply it anywhere.

Method: Take your camera with your favoured 17-40 lens and go and create images of the city. The range of images should find different aspects of the city i.e.:

   -  Contradiction such as new/old, soft/harsh, nature/man made etc
   -  Geometric
   -  Reflections
   -  people as part of the cityscape (that is if you feel comfortable in doing so)
   -  Different times of day and weather conditions
Analyse: Once you’ve been able to take a range of images then pick out your top and bottom 5 images (10 in total) and analyse them as to why they are or are not your favourites. When analysing think of things like: -

   -  Light
   -  Composition
   -  Distractions
   -  Colour vs monochrome
   -  Shutter speed
   -  Focal length
   -  Aperture
Share with me your thoughts on each image

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