Exercise Title: Find the minimum shutter speed to focal length ratio
Purpose: A tripod is undoubtedly the best way to get a completely steady shot, however, they are cumbersome things that can get in the way of creativity by just being too restrictive. That means we need to understand how slow we can go with the shutter speed to retain a low ISO with a given focal length and still get a crisp image....assuming that is what we want.

Method: Using your lenses at their min and max focal lengths see how slow you can get the shutter before you are plagued with unsteady shots. You should be able to come up with a formula that will help you understand what shutter speed you will need to get a sharp, handheld image. So, if at 17mm you are at 1/20 sec and at 200mm you are at 1/200 sec then you know it is roughly 1:1. If you have good steady hands and the lenses have image stabilisation then you may find it is even slower i.e. 1:2 so at 200mm you may be at 1/100 sec and 40mm, 1/20 sec etc.
Analyse: Once back at the computer work out the ratio by carefully checking each image and see where you start to consistently get acceptably sharp images.

Let me know once done and what your findings are.

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