Exercise Title: Understand how focal length choice affects composition of an image
Purpose: Every time we look at a scene there are a myriad of choices to be made. One that has the biggest impact on the final image is what focal length is chosen as this can have a dramatic effect on how the viewer sees the relationship between foreground and background aspects of a scene.
Method: Find an object (that tent from your self analysis images would have been a good one) and, with your longest focal length lens on, get into a position where the object fills roughly 60% of the image. Now put your widest focal length on and, without looking at the camera, walk forward until you think the object will fill the same amount of frame. Bring the camera to your eye and see if you were right, if not, move backwards or forwards as necessary.
Analyse: Look carefully at both images and see the impact of the focal length on how much background is included or excluded from the scene. With background objects that are in both images see how the focal length affects how large in the frame the background image is. 

Let me know once done and what your findings are.

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