Exercise Title: Rapid Fire
Purpose: Allow yourself to go mad and just take a picture of anything for a set period of time without any thought process at all to see what happens.

   -  Set your phone with a 5 minute countdown timer
   -  Have your camera set to single shot mode and your choice of manual or an auto exposure mode
   -  Clear your mind
   -  Start the countdown
   -  Take pictures as quick as you can with no thoughts on what you are pointing the camera at
   -  Stop taking pictures when the 5 minutes are up
Analyse: When you get back home put them all on the computer and see what, if anything, jumps out at you. I’ve done this a few times and it always fascinates me how in familiar and unfamiliar places I still find lots of images I enjoy but probably would not have normally seen.

Let me know once done and what your findings are.

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