Exercise Title: Image likes and dislikes
Purpose: Start to figure out what sort of images do and do not resonate with you by looking at images from other people.
Method: Look at the supplied magazines and pick out a range of images that you absolutely love and some that you really can't stand.
Analyse: Use your understanding of photography to establish what it is about each image you like or dislike and try and figure out what type of lighting, white balance, lens, aperture and shutter speed were used

Output to Carl: Pick your 3 favourite images and the 3 least favourite images. Put those images into the folders in DropBox and send an email explaining how you analysed each image and why it is a like or dislike. What have you learned from this exercise that informs you on your personal vision. 

This has been great analysis Marie well done you :-). Write down your personal preference for images in a way that makes sense to you and put in your camera bag. When you are out and about, read it before you pick up the camera. As an example mine would be: 
“ For me to enjoy this image it needs a sense of space, purpose and loneliness. It should feel clean and simple”
Note that all of my comments are positive, i.e. I did not say :-
“ I need to avoid clutter and distracting elements in my image”
No need to share your sentence with me unless you want to, just be happy with what you come up with and then use it as a guide for what you want to create.

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