Exercise Title: 20 images from one location
Purpose: This exercises will get you looking closer at a scene to wring every possible image out of it. The first 10-12 images tend to be quite easy but then it becomes increasingly difficult to find new images. Usually the last 2-3 images will be your most interesting.

   -  Find a familiar location i.e. work place, home, garden, local park etc
   -  Without thinking about it find a spot and stand there
   -  With your camera and choice of lens take twenty images…..do not delete any as you go!
   -  You are allowed to change focal lengths, shutter speed etc but you are not allowed to move from the spot
Analyse: Review the images in order and see which ones you enjoy the most. Pick out three and share with me explaining which image in the sequence they were and why they stand out to you.
Repeatedly doing this exercise allows you to walk into a new scene and dismiss the 'obvious' images if you want to that will never see the light of day.​​​​​​​
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