Exercise Title: Create multiple photos of one object
Purpose: This exercise gets you thinking about how you can take different images of the same subject. By doing this we learn to appreciate that the obvious image does not always get the most out of the subject. We transform a three dimensional view into a two dimensional image so it is important to think about how to apply your camera craft to make the most of it.
Method: Find an object that you would like to photograph. Take multiple images of the subject and then select your favourite 10 images. Put those images into a way that best shows the viewer why you chose the subject you did. Some pointers to help you: -
  -  Show the whole subject
  -  Create abstract views
  -  If you use a small object like an ornament or piece of jewellery you could take it to different places
  -  For a large object i.e. a building you could go at different times of day
  -  Use different focal lengths
  -  Different points of view
As you can see from this short list there are plenty of ways to approach the subject so should be able to create a good collection of images to choose from.

Analyse: Go through your images and select 10 that work together to best show the subject you chose. Put those into a format that best displays those photos so that as a collection they are better than one individual image. Share your creation with me by putting it into the dropbox folder for this exercise.

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