When we are back in Christchurch area it is inevitably filled with catching up with friends and family, working with my photographic students and talking with camera clubs. With my photographic focus being on other peoples needs then I don't tend to pick up my own camera that much. This has been a particularly weird month in that I've spent a lot of time photographing people rather than landscapes. On the plus side that does make for a different set of images to the usual dominance of landscape images from our travels. 
We will still be in the Christchurch area for most of May so I am going to make a concerted effort to pick up my camera more and go and explore the area with fresh eyes......I have no doubt there really must be a lot more to see than I found this month!
So, with not much more to say about our journey through April, here are some images from the city streets, people and the occasional foray out into nature.

Workers enjoying a break under the watchful gaze of Bob Marley

Just a little bit of street photography I found amusing

I saw the escalator and didn't have to wait too long until I had the people to complete the image

That's a novel pose when paying for your parking ticket

The suspicious look on her face as they talked was priceless

Beautiful autumn colours in Christchurch gardens would become more golden as the month progressed

One of a few images from a test shoot at the gym

One of my lighting test images for an upcoming photoshoot of Matt following his body building competition in May

A day trip to the west coast meant a drive through some of New Zealand spectacular scenery

With bright sunshine on the east coast and hammering down with rain....that means there is a point where the two meet, and this was it

Sun tries to break through the clouds creating rays of light through the rain

Kea preening time in the rain

The youngster was very vocal until being fed......typical child ;-)

Clouds cleared on the way back to the east coast, but it was certainly dramatic looking back

East coast beach in the school holidays.......no, I didn't photoshop them all out, there really was no-one there

The only company we had during a lovely walk along the beach

A quick run back to the beach as the next wave came in then he would dash back out again

Timeless Hollywood style shot of a beautiful young lady

Autumn leaves have been falling creating a beautiful golden carpet. The guy in the image seemed oblivious to natures work as he marched along listening to his music........if only he was listening through headphones!!

There may be a lot of leaves on the ground in Autumn but it certainly is pretty

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