Well there was a month of extremes! It was cold enough for snow, yep that white fluffy stuff, in our home town of Roxburgh. We didn't find out until later that this is quite a rare event and the last time there was any significant snowfall in the town was over twenty years ago. It was very pretty for the morning but by mid afternoon it had all gone again which was very bizarre considering how thick the snow was. Then at the other extreme we were in Queenstown for the end of the month and should have packed our summer clothes.....the weather is all over the place, very strange. 
We continue to enjoy our housesitting duties which have given us time in both Queenstown and Dunedin this month looking after very, very different dogs. The ever wonderful and chilled out Faith and then the somewhat crazy and energetic Charlie.....he photo bombed a shot in this months mix which was too funny not to share.
Photography wise I've been out and about in some of my favourite spots, but, as I explained in last months update I'm having fun experimenting so this month you will see some interesting processing, double exposures and even some scans from film......yep, some good old fashioned analog photography. 
Really enjoying playing and being creative so no doubt there will be a few more unusual images next month. Until then, here are this months selection.

I love reading photo books and this month I've been lucky enough to read and view some images of Bill Brandt. His work inspired this image of my hand in the landscape.

As always I love Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu on a stormy afternoon.

The snow came down in a steady blizzard all night

Over twenty years since Roxburgh last saw this amount of snow

It was a very crisp walk in town for a coffee

Playing around with an old panoramic film camera and double exposures at Lye Bow Lake, Alexandra

My latest acquisition in the photography space is a 65 year old film camera, still works perfectly :-)

The snow dusted hills around Alexandra

Water crashes over Butchers Dam Alexandra

Flat top hill just outside Alexandra is one of my favourite places to meander with the camera.

Balancing the moon

The almost incomprehensibly mirror like surface of Lye Bow Lake, Alexandra

A moment to chat

All set up for an interesting water reflection image......and in strolls Charlie the ever curious dog I was looking after in Dunedin, made for a much more interesting image so I didn't mind :-)

There is something so peaceful about the hills around Clyde

Dog duties does mean being out early

First light on the distant hills across Lake Wakatipu

Up the stairs

A new walk around Jardine Park, Kelvin Heights

One very happy dog after a particularly long soak in the lake

We look at this peak from our friends deck and I have lost count of the number of photos I have of it, it's beautiful

I'm not usually one for dog portraits but Faith is gorgeous so she makes it easy for me :-)

Something a little different to finish with of the range by the Queenstown Gondola.

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