Eventually there had to be a month where we really wouldn't get out and do that much that was new and interesting to report on......this is that month. 
The main theme for the month of July seems to have been rain. It really has been incredible just how much rain has fallen across the whole country in such a short space of time. We're currently staying on a farm and you'd think with the amount of water laying around that it would never dry out and yet in only a few months time they will need to water the paddocks as they'll be too dry. 

The seemingly constant cloud cover and lower sun through winter has also put a severe test on our solar generated power options. Thankfully we've had some great friends who have helped us get batteries re-charged when needed. With this years experience we do know we need to consider our options carefully for next year so some forward planning is going to be needed.

We have still been out and about though and made the most of the non-rainy days by spending some time in Akaroa and heading out to the east coast beaches.
The farm is now bursting into life for the new season with new calves making their way into the world on a daily basis. When we get back it will be in full swing so we'll be helping out wherever we can before setting off again. 

That will be us for a while as I sit in the airport waiting for the plane to take us to the northern hemisphere where a new adventure awaits us in Denmark and Greenland for a few weeks before heading back home. That means, hopefully, the update for August should contain some very interesting images. Until then, hope you enjoy this months collection from the area.

Fortunate timing as one shaft of light came through to light up these boat sheds in Akaroa

As the tide went out it left little islands in the soft sand near Akaroa

Mother and child play at New Brighton in the last light of the day

Grasses swayed gently in the breeze as I sat at the top of a hill having a coffee

The fog rolled in one morning isolating these trees and roller against the usually busy background

On this day one storm front after another pounded Canterbury and yet the moments between each passing front offered a moment of tranqulity 

One more storm front coming through just as it lined up to drop snow around the around the area

Gentle evening light and soft seas made for a peaceful image at Leithfield Beach

Natures own driftwood artwork exhibition at Leithfield Beach

Loved the way the early morning light just kissed the pebbles on the beach

Just to show I'm not always anti social and will occasionally go image hunting with other photographers

Just before the sun came up on the east coast

Found these hay bales steaming on the side of the road as the morning sun was gently thawing them out

Just as the sun rose on Leithfield Beach

A lonely old tree stands guard on the hill

There have been a few stunning sun rises in the area this month

A completely full concrete water trough made a great mirror on this particular morning

While I have no doubt the owner of this land would not have been happy it was covered in flood water it certainly made for a much interesting image than it would normally

A crystal clear day and recent snow makes for a truly postcard like image

We've been hearing Little Owls around the are at night and hoped I'd see one. Didn't expect to be lucky enough to have my camera when one decided to perch nearby one morning

Yet more rain fell and a Christchurch Mall carpark had its own indoor lake!

We are fortunate enough to be staying on a dairy farm at the moment......seriously, how cute is that!

Didn't turn around so I'm assuming this must be the best side ;-)

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