It was inevitable that at some point we would have a month where nothing much happened other than 'normal' life. What amazes me is that it has taken until the end of our third year on the road before this has happened and I don't have a lot to tell on epic adventures, well, anywhere really. That's not to say that the month hasn't had its moments though and the flexibility of our lifestyle did mean we were able to completely change our plans when my Mum, who now goes by a variety of other names (all in jest), had a tumble and broke her wrist. Now Mum has always said that if a job is worth doing then it's worth doing properly and, true to her word, for the first broken bone of her life she decided to have a complicated fracture just above the wrist which was set and then put in a cast. Having sat there I assure you this process is not for the faint hearted! 
So with the unexpected duties needed to look after my Mum, Christmas with family, which has grown by one, and various other items including a service for the car and caravan we really haven't been very far for walks in the stunning New Zealand landscape. The camera has still been busy though and this month has been focussed on models, birds and some time investigating Washpen Falls.
In the later part of January and through February we should be back up near Motueka and will be enjoying that area where, no doubt, the camera will be very busy!

Taking a different path on to the beach at New Brighton gave me a new perspective and a reminder to not always follow the same route

This seagull made me laugh as it seemed to walk along and check its reflection every few steps

A baby dotterel, it really doesn't get much cuter than this

Too cute, had to share two pictures

I think the owls where we are parked must be getting used to us as we have seen them much more this trip

A new addition to the family shows what a strong grip he has, just 24 hours after coming into the world

A walk along the beach on a very windy afternoon

One of my favourite images from this model shoot

Spiders web in the early morning light after a very damp night

Another model getting ready for her photos

Just loved the simplicity of this one.

Up in the hills overlooking the Canterbury Plains with a friend as we made our way to the falls

Washpen Falls

Washpen Falls

After a night of heavy rain the leaves on the plants by the river where much more interesting

The local beach where we used to live was always popular with horses......this one was not that keen on the surf!

Mum's cast, just what she didn't want for Christmas!

Another trip to the ominously named 'Bone Shop'

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