Well here we are almost a week into the new year and I've finally got round to creating the last journal entry for 2019. I've become very involved in playing lawn bowls which took up the first three days of this year, hence the delay. Hopefully I'll continue to improve and somehow find some time to get out and take photos as well ;-).
The end of 2019 would most definitely be described as wet with seemingly endless days of grey cloud covered skies. If I was still in England I would have thought it was perfect winter weather ready for Christmas but not quite what we were expecting for our few weeks in Queenstown. We have a very fortunate lifestyle which means we will continue to be outside and enjoy the weather when it eventually improves but I do feel really sorry for those families who were hoping for much better weather on their summer break.
The start of the new year is likely to be full of bowls tournaments and work with the local iSite centre and museum but I'll do my best to fit in some time with the camera too :-). Until then here is this months collection.

Our garden has a large collection of flax plants which, for reasons best known to themselves, have all flowered this year. This has given the local bird and insect life plenty of food to enjoy. In return they get to move the pollen around.

Local honey bee enjoying the flax flowers

The unusual weather patterns have made for some interesting skies to watch

The volume of rain has been remarkable resulting in the river being allowed to run at full force through the local dam and power station

An unusually calm day gave me the chance to get up into the hills

Having made the journey it would have been a waste to not just sit and enjoy it

Typical views in Central Otago

Another busy bee on our plants

Did I mention it rained a lot!

One very soggy Bellbird in our garden

Seriously there should not be snow on that hill in summer!!!

More crazy weather, this time on our morning walk. Somehow we were lucky enough that the rain didn't get to us before we got back

Lake Wakatipu is higher than I've ever seen it. This wharf is normally way above the water level

When this is the scenery for walking the dog in the morning I can hardly call it a hardship

More views on the morning walk

Sunlight creates wonderful rays in the morning haze as it breaks over The Remarkables mountain range

Stormy days do make for some dramatic light

Nice prize for finishing well in a local bowls tournament at Queenstown

A lovely day had some stunning wispy cloud formations over Queenstown

The final morning walk with Faith on the last day of 2019

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