I find myself very fortunate again to be sat in our friends house in Queenstown looking out over Lake Wakatipu on a beautiful sunny day. Amazingly it is already Autumn and there is no doubt about it in this part of the country as the mornings have suddenly become considerably colder! Only a couple of months ago we were walking the dog around here in shorts and tee shirts in the mornings whereas now you definitely need a warm jacket. Still with views like this I'm certainly not complaining :-)
It's been a very busy month with looking after students during a week in Christchurch and then having family visit us for the first time at our place in Central Otago. It was great to be able to share some of the things we love so much about this area. I'm happy to say that the consensus of opinion is we made a great choice to settle where we have.
Photographically wise this month I continue to explore the local areas and find new hidden gems to point the camera at. The weather is forever changing giving wonderful light and dramatic skies....those unpredictable weather patterns are my favourite times to be out with the camera. It's not all landscapes this month though as I've definitely had an eye for the unusual leading to an eclectic collection of images from February.
Next month I'll be writing about my month while sat in sunny Scotland, did I say sunny.....somehow I doubt it ;-)

This is one of my favourite spots up above Roxburgh as it really shows just how in the middle of nowhere this town is

One of many abstract images taken this month while out and about with some of my students of photography

Studs as grip at the top of stairs in a library

Frames within frames at New Brighton Pier, great to see it without all the building work again.

Photobombed by a seagull.......fortunate timing for me

Careful composition managed to hide that I was stood in the middle of a town when I saw this old motor

Great lines on this old Ford

The walkway at St Bathans is open again so we went exploring on a particularly sunny day.....I'll go back here again as the rock formations are amazing

First time having a go at curling. Quite why they decided to build an international standard curling rink in Naseby is a mystery to me, but, it is amazing and such good fun. Definitely something to do if you are in the area at all.

Views like that, no wonder I love where we live :-)

The Bannockburn Sluicing's near Cromwell is still one of my favourite walks

Natural stepping stones ;-)

Could so easily be in the wild west of America with a landscape like this

One of many great views we have on our drive home from Cromwell. This is looking the lake towards Clyde

Lucky enough to be passing Lye Bow Lake on a perfectly calm day as the sun was coming up.

It's been a very wet 12 months, that does mean there is plenty of hay though

A road that seems to go on forever

Another little gem of a spot to come back to one day

Shelter in a storm

Wonderful rhubarb courtesy of our neighbour, made for a great apple and rhubarb crumble :-)

Yes.....that really is snow! Apparently February is very early to have snow on that spot so looks like we could be in for a cold winter......should be very pretty.

Another abstract moment. Amazing what you can do with a head torch and a couple of forks ;-)

Seems that every time we arrive in Queenstown it is stormy. I don't mind when it gives me an opportunity for images like this.

To borrow a phrase from someone else this is The Remarkables looking decidedly remarkable 

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