2018 started much as 2017 finished as duties to ensure Mum was looked after properly with her broken arm continued, however, you can't keep gypsies in one place for too long so on the 21st January we hitched up the caravan, said goodbye to our friends for a few months and then made the big journey up the South Island to Motueka.
There are lots of walking tracks around the Tasman area in addition to the famous Abel Tasman track that hugs the beautiful golden coastline. This is also a big area for growing fruit and hops due to the very mild climate......so lots of beers to be had in boutique breweries dotted around Motueka and surrounding towns, and maybe the occasional bit of fruit ;-)
This month and February see us playing host to Bec's parents who have come over from the UK for 5 weeks. They do enjoy a good craft beer so no doubt we'll be seeing plenty of those breweries on our travels.....it's a hard life but we'll cope ;-)
It doesn't really feel like we've done much this month, but I still managed to come up with a few images to share, hope you enjoy them.

The first sunrise of 2018. 

Stormy skies around Geraldine kept us company on a big one day road trip

My poor Mum having the new cast fitted. The staff were great and happy for me to take some documentary style shots of the event.

Being back in the area gave me an opportunity to photograph some of the beaches we used to frequent.

It was raining and windy when I got to this area so when the rain eased off I put the umbrella in the sand to keep it out of my way.....never one to miss an opportunity for a quirky shot it then became a prop.

I did say it was windy!

Never thought I'd be doing baby photos, but I rather like this one

There is generally an approach to photography of nature to only find immaculate specimens, however, I feel there is much more interest in something not quite so perfect

Water cascades down over the boulders by the Riwaka Resurgence

There weren't many tourists at Kaiteriteri Beach when we arrived late in the evening and we sat and watched as they gradually dispersed when the sun went down

A curious New Zealand Robin kept us company at the Riwaka Resurgence

Some more, less than perfect leaves that caught my eye

Waited for a while, but no one came to play the piano :-(

Chinese Gardens in Queens Gardens, Nelson

I still have no idea what was fascinating these boys so much but it did make for a fun image

Bright sunlight came through the trees at the Riwaka Resurgence and picked out these set of stone steps

The cold waters from the resurgence start the journey down stream

High up on the Takaka Hill we found lots of old wood and rocks with amazing textures

I'd heard about the Giant Snail which is an endangered species over here, I just hadn't realised just how giant they were until we found this empty shell on the path.

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