What a great start to the year this month has been. With Christmas and the New Year quietly out of the way it was time to think about what to set our minds to this year now that we are happily settled into life in Central Otago. 
My first big decision this year was to get back to a task known as Project 365. For me this means that I must pick up the camera every single day and create an image that I share with the immediate family. This project has two major benefits, firstly I take plenty of images throughout the month to pick from for the journal and secondly that constant practice of seeing really helps to improve my work and ensures I create different types of images.....so far so good :-)
Our other main decision after selling the caravan last year was that we still wanted to get out and explore this beautiful country. With that in mind we set ourselves up for housesitting and were very fortunate to find our first task was to look after a beautiful golden retriever, picture below, in Queenstown. Great to be out twice a day walking the dog and enjoying the beautiful views around Lake Wakatipu. Our second housesit was in Bannockburn near Cromwell which has completely different scenery and some great places to eat.
We made the decision that housesits would be treated like holidays so I have unashamedly taken some typical tourist shots to share as well as more thought out images. 
Now that we are back from those duties the early morning walks have continued in our home town and I've been enjoying the valley as the mist clears in the morning around the orchards as well as getting up in the hills during the more dramatic weather to capture the local scenery. 
We are undoubtedly very fortunate to enjoy the life we do and become part of this fantastic community in Central Otago.

Project 365 kicked off with this little abstract image. There would be plenty more as the month progressed.

Looking out over Lake Wakatipu on a stormy evening

While waiting for the water taxi to get into Queenstown I noticed the abstract patterns on the wharf

It's tiring enough walking up the hills around Queenstown, biking is mad ;-)

Seems I wasn't the only person enjoying the scenery in Queenstown high above the lake

The Remarkables looking very remarkable :-)

On a day of being a tourist I couldn't resist this shot of the iconic Earnslaw steamer

This family paid to be on a boat tour around Lake Wakatipu and spent all of their time on their phones.....weird!

What a cool sculpture which looks out over the lake from Kelvin Heights Peninsula. In the background early morning light was catching Jacks Point

Not all days in Queenstown are bright and sunny like the brochures show ;-)

The day after the storm on our morning walk revealed some beautiful light on the hills

Our responsibility during our house sit was to look after this gorgeous lady.....she just loves the water and is a joy to be with

Lovely reflections on the lake of Queenstown in the distance

There is always something about a lone tree that just compels me to create an image

I was lucky enough this month to visit a quarry, very cool experience

The dust at the quarry was incredibly fine and seemed to float as we stomped through it......like big kids we stomped a lot ;-)

When looking for abstract forms it's amazing what comes up. This was the top of a digger bucket at the quarry on a very bright afternoon

Vineyards create beautiful shapes on the hills around Bannockburn

Some of the coolest shapes are created by nature :-)

My friend and fellow photographer is a geologist......couldn't resist this image of her in among the rocks, very apt

Up in the Nevis Valley is definitely one of my happy places

Something very powerful about this image which I love

Morning light in Roxburgh was magical on this particular walk

High up in the hills around the Teviot Valley, this will be amazing in winter

Way down in the valley by the river is Roxburgh our home town. From up here it was clear to see we are surrounded by nothing but amazing landscape, so cool

No doubt about it, when the storm starts to clear in Centra Otago it reveals some magical light

I walk past this old tractor most mornings, finally had a morning with the mist where I got the image I wanted

Seems a bit early to be turning brown, but I know nothing about plants

Otago is such a friendly place. Cromwell locals were playing Petanque in the Heritage Precinct  and invited tourists to join in for a bit of fun. There was lots of laughter and I'm sure plenty of happy memories to take back home

The stunning blue lake at St Bathans

For the last day of the month the sky decided to put on this show at sunset behind the house

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