Wow time flies, doesn't seem like two seconds ago we rolled in the new year and now it is the end of January already! 
We've had a month of back and forth between our home town of Roxburgh and our second home town of Queenstown. Always a joy to be in Queenstown as we get to spend time with the always lovely Faith. Having the responsibility of taking the dog for a walk is a great way to ensure we do our own walking each day too to wear off some of that Christmas excess ;-)
The end of the month has seen the arrival of Bec's parents from the UK who will be spending all of February with us which should result in a variety of different images as we take them around the area. 
I did have a friend come down to visit me this month from Wellington for a few days. The plan had been to spend a couple of days exploring the area around Queenstown with our cameras, however, circumstances beyond our control meant a crazy road trip. Day one was to pick him up from Queenstown airport and hightail it down to Dundedin so I could see a friend who was unfortunately in hospital. (I am happy to report she is now well on the way to being fighting fit and will no doubt clip me around the ear for mentioning it when she next sees me!). An hour in Dunedin then it was back to Roxburgh overnight before exploring our local area the next day and various places along the way to Queenstown. As it happens it was a very cool road trip and we had a great time.
So that's enough of my ramblings and time for a few images from the first month of 2020.

Grown down just down the road, Central Otago cherries......yum, yum and more yum

I had a mad dash from the airport to Kelvin Heights peninsula to get this shot. What a spectacular twenty minute show it was

Faith, isn't she gorgeous :-)

Stormy morning walk around the peninsular

This cloud formation built up over a couple of hours as I watched it from the house before it decided it was too heavy and bucketed down with rain

Typical Otago views

Unfortunately typical Otago views for the first part of the year! I just wis we could have redirected it to Australia to help with their horrific bush fires this year

Love this view as we drive from Alexandra to home. This particular evening the light was absolutely stunning.

Just a view from the house, we are very lucky 

View from the deck at Kelvin Heights towards Queenstown on one particularly still morning

View from the road up to the Remarkables Ski Field. Remarkable mountain range and a remarkable view!

Almost at the ski fields

A little bit of street photography during my quick dash to Dunedin

They're going the wrong way ;-)

I just like creating a simple image in a city

The wonderful schist rock on the hills around the Teviot Valley

That's about as quintessential Central Otago as it gets

I rescued this dragonfly from the house and it was so relaxed it just sat on my hand crawling up my thumb before flying off. It was so chilled out I was even able to change lenses on my camera without it flying off so I could get this image.

Another day up the Remarkables 

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