We started this month wondering just how cold it was going to be and fully expected to be rugged up in clothing suitable for sub-zero temperatures and snow boots on. Well, nothing, not even a flake of snow at our level, very disappointing for us but I'm sure the locals were very happy about the situation. There have certainly been some very hard frosts but with a steady breeze this month there have been no hoar frost opportunities to photograph. 
The flip side of the hard frost mornings are some absolutely beautiful days to go walking. We found some tracks that are off the normal tourist radar so found ourselves high up in the hills looking over the surrounding area or hugging the Lake Wakatipu coastline near Queenstown. 
The end of the month has definitely seen a change in the weather patterns and we have been experiencing some very wet days with a cold wind. No doubt these have been great for the ski fields and, I suspect, herald some colder and stormy weather for August. If that eventuates then I will most definitely be in photography overload as the stormy skies really do offer something magical to an image.
We've stayed closer to base this month so a lot of the imagery is taken within a 50km radius of Cromwell. Next month we intend to venture further afield walking and photographing through Mt Aspiring National Park, Glenorchy, Lake Wakatipu and the Routeburn Track. If I'm right on the weather then I had better make sure I have plenty of bags to protect the camera gear from rain!
Until next month, here are a few of this months favourite images.

The trees were on a hill side going down away from as we walked a local track, with the sun going down behind me perfectly shading the base of the trees......a very surreal sight in reality and as a photograph.

My one and only concession to early morning light this month, but, when the sky looks like that out of the front window then it really is obligatory to point a camera at it. The slight bit of light you can see in the bottom left is the sky reflecting off of Lake Dunstan.

A north westerly air flow pushed rain over the hills from the west coast. Directly above us was a divide. Clouds and rain one side, pure blue sky the other!

The flowers received a good dose of rain fall on this particular day

The sun glistens off of Lake Hawea

One of many stops on a days road trip along Lake Hawea

Light just skimmed through the valley capturing the small hills at the base

Late afternoon caused deep shadows allowing the gravel road to stand out like a snake heading into the distant hills

One of many historically significant sites around Cromwell. These are completely man made and created as part of the gold mining operations early in the 20th century when water would go rushing down the channels. Long hard days were spent working through the stone looking for gold and throwing the rocks up out of the channel creating these tailings.

This is a path on the Bannockburn Sluicing's walk. Love walking through this area with its stunning formations

Some days the sky just seems to be everywhere

Walking just above Cromwell gave some lovely views back to the valley floor and beyond over Lake Dunstan

Seeing a New Zealand Falcon in the sanctuary in Rotorua is one thing, having one swoop by you no more than a couple of meters away and sit on top of a telegraph while you change lenses and pose while you move around it high up in the hills.....now that is special :-)

Walking up in the Cairmuir Ranges gives amazing views back down over the Cromwell Township

Two paddle boarders kindly came into shot giving Lake Hayes and the surrounding landscape some sense of scale

Beautiful day for driving and walking along Lake Wakatipu south of Queenstown.

New Zealand is such a big landscape, as shown by the glimpse of road heading from Queenstown to Te Anau

Just a nice piece of photographic harmony

On the edge of Lake Wakatipu

There is a new settlement south of Queenstown called Jacks Point with golf course, fancy houses etc. It also happens to be nestled in some quite stunning scenery!

Pinching a phrase from the NZ Frenzy guidebook those are the Remarkables in the background looking, well, remarkably ;-)

Some of those stormy skies looming over Cromwell area

Low cloud and brilliant blue skies made for some interesting shapes in the ranges around Wanaka one afternoon

To dispel some myths......there is more than just one tree in Wanaka ;-)

A peaceful pint in the Cardrona Hotel was interrupted by this tour bus just arrived in from the ski fields. Apparently the bar is just as dangerous as the slopes as one of them was still wearing his helmet

Heading towards the Crown Ranges in the late afternoon light

A row of Poplar trees to my right added some lovely lines to the foreground 

A simple curve

Structure on the edge of the Clyde Dam. Looked particularly impressive in the low bright sun light

We were quite determined to find some snow so made our way up in to The Nevis. It was so, so peaceful late in the afternoon

An interesting opportunity has found me in possession of an old Olympus film camera for the last couple of months. This is one of the images after the film had been processed and I photographed the negative. There is still something about film and not knowing exactly how your images have turned out until you get the film processed so I'm looking forward to doing some more in the coming months. 


Now, if I can have more skies like this in August I am going to be one very happy photographer

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