The overall assessment of this month is that it has not been anywhere near as cold as it should have been. The plus side of the weather this month is that we have enjoyed a few very pleasant days sat out on the deck of our friends house in Queenstown. Looking across the lakeĀ consumingĀ a glass or two of wine and reading a good book is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon :-). The downside to this weather is I've not the level of snow in the mountains I was hoping for and the ski fields have had a very tough time of things. Hopefully August will bring the wintery blast we are all hoping for in Central.
I originally started this blog of monthly updates on our travels because it was a great way of keeping track of where we had been and ensuring our memories of an epic journey were never lost. A side effect of the blog and our travels meant a lot of people were also, virtually, on our journey with us. With our travels in the van finishing last year I did wonder if people still wanted to see my images and the overwhelming response was that they do even if those images are all of the same area. So, for the time being at least, I will continue with monthly updates. A big thank you to all of you who took the time to let me know you still enjoy these random words and images :-)
My excursions this month have taken me through to Queenstown as we look after our friends house and beautiful dog. I also had the opportunity to meet up with one of my students and take them on a trip through to St Bathans. That place is quite stunning any time but on this particular day there was not a breath of wind and the resulting mirror lake was mind boggling....images below.
As well as general landscape images I've always enjoyed taking time to see the world in a more abstract way as I look for shapes and patterns in the normal view of things. Now that my camera will remain in a similar location each month I will start to include more of these images. They will most likely not be to everyone's taste but will also help me track how my imagery changes over time.
So enough rambling already, time for images :-)

Month started off with a dramatic sunrise

Love this old cottage nestled into the hills.....just need more snow!

Across the alley 

Familiar sight for me, the transition from tar seal to dirt to get to the hills

A beautiful view as I crested the hill to look over the Clutha Valley

I have no idea why this is on the side of the road, looked cool though

Stars and hydro power collide

Looking down Butchers Dam

The calmer side of Butchers Dam

Calm reflections in Lye Bow Lake

Nice abstract reflections on the way to St Bathans

A typical central view

The mind boggling stillness of water at St Bathans

Abstract rock and shadow

Looking down to St Bathans

Would be remiss in the month of 50 years since man landed on the moon not to include it at least once

Our own moonscape on earth....St Bathans style

A tranquil morning in Roxburgh

Lots of low cloud made for dramatic scenes on our way to Queenstown

Last light reflections at Jacks Point Queenstown

The Remarkables in the last light of the day

The Remarkables

Looking across Lake Wakatipu in the early morning blue hour light


The Queenstown Gondola is a great spot for a coffee and a great view from the house

One of many peaks seen from Lake Wakatipu

Break of day

Rain, rain.....where's the snow!

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