Life is a funny thing, if you want it to be. It occurred to me today when setting out to write this months update that I've not really travelled much this month and instead have settled into life here in Central Otago. I think I had to finish the long awaited trip to the UK and Singapore before I could truly realise that I am now in one location for an extended period of time. That realisation has meant that I finally got round to updating the front page of this website and give the dates that our travels in the caravan started and finished. It was an awesome trip and there are some incredible memories in the archives because we were brave enough to do it. 
Like I said at the beginning 'life is a funny thing' and now I find myself considering how to approach these monthly updates for the future. Perhaps I continue with them but rather than talking about where we have been and what we have been up to I simply show a few of my favourite images from that month. Maybe, instead of a monthly update, I just make it a quarterly update that may include some anecdotes of adventures along the way along with a larger collection of my favourite images. 
This blog has always been for myself and Bec as a way of capturing our life on the road and I share in the hope, that just for a few minutes, it brings a bit of joy into other peoples lives. From the messages I get then I know this happens. Ultimately it could get quite boring though if I just show images of the same landscape every month so I will need to consider what will keep it varied. You will see this month evidence of more abstract images as I study the area in closer detail.
Feel free to let me know what you think and what you would like to see in the future. This may be a blog for me and my work, but, I still value what you have to say and your opinions could help guide where this blog heads in the future.

Soo many images from the front of our place!

Up in the hills around the Teviot Valley

Some company while I work ;-)

Sheep one side and this view the other. It was a great spot to stop and admire the view

There is something magical about the local schist rock that dominates the landscape

You just can't beat a picture of a road leading to the does not get much more NZ than that view :-)

A brief trip to Queenstown one day for shopping not available in our little town. The views make the four hour round trip worth it

Just twenty minutes from home up this slippery muddy track and I'm sat with a coffee looking out at that is good

One of a few downpours this month gave me the chance for plant abstracts

Another plant abstract, particularly like the simplicity of this one

Now there's a sky to enjoy your morning cuppa looking at

I'm not sure if it is the terrain in Central Otago but we get the most amazing cloud formations

Those same cloud formations are known to drop plenty of rain though!

Does get a little chilly down here....brrrr

Next day, still chilly

Lake Dunstan at Cromwell on a particularly calm day

On an unexpected trip to Dunedin we decided to explore the Otago Peninsula. This is Sandfly Bay which is stunning and turned out to be occupied when we got there....see next image

These two were having quite a disagreement which carried on for at least 30 minutes. The older ones dotted around just ignored them....teenagers ;-)

One of 39 baby albatross on the peninsula. Just starting to lose the down and get plumage ready for the leap into the unknown and 5 years circumnavigating the world constantly at sea before coming back to breed.

Looking across the Teviot Valley on a dramatic evening drive through the hills

First rays of sunlight strike the mist for an unusual effect

The hills on the trip to Alexandra were beautifully covered in frost

I spent almost an hour enjoying the tranquility of Lye Bow Lake near which time I realised I could no longer feel my fingers. Really should remember gloves and a decent jacket next time!

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