Well, dear reader, the time has come that I bring these monthly updates to an end. It made perfect sense when we constantly moved from location to location, seeing and doing different things all of the time. My time now is very much focussed on work in the local community and bowls so photography has definitely taken a back seat in my life. 
Thank you for following my updates and hopefully you will enjoy this last random collection of images for a while. There will be more posts, just not for a while until I feel I have some images and thoughts worth sharing.

Perfectly still river providing beautiful reflections at Cromwell

This time of year provides the most stunning sunrises to enjoy while having my morning cuppa. To be fair they are probably beautiful in the middle of summer, I'm just not awake to see them ;-)

Playing around during the sunset to create some interesting abstracts of the morning light

My favourite from a mornings camera fun

Time with friends as we headed for coffee on a bright sunny morning

Out in the hills around our town

Pete enjoying a moment just taking in the scenery

The epic views that surround our town

Well, we do live in a rural area and it was rush hour ;-)

Stunning reflections at Lake Hayes on our way to Queenstown

Lake Hayes

A fallen leaf caught in an icy puddle at Lake Hayes.....yep, winter is here

Not a bad view on the way to the supermarket :-)

Mitchells Cottage

View from inside the cottage, yep, it was as cold as it looks

Cottage through the freezing fog....could hardly feel my fingers by the time I took this image

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