Creating images of landscapes can be an exercise in frustration one day and incredibly rewarding the next. Being somewhere at the right time with the right light to capture a moment that will never be seen again is possibly the most satisfying of all the photographic disciplines. Here are some of my particular favourites from recent years.
Oslo Harbour at sunset in December. Daylight only lasts a few hours at this time of year and gives some stunning evening light.
The west coast of New Zealand's South Island has a stunning and rugged coastline. 
Looking down the lake at Kinloch on New Zealand's South Island. This lake was amazingly peaceful in the very early hours one morning.
Early morning at Kinloch New Zealand
Early morning light on the east coast of New Zealand's south island.
Sometimes the light before the sun comes up provides the most wonderful pastel colours.
Early morning pastel colours added a gentle light to the background hills
Dramatic skies build over the hills
Soft light at the end of the day allowed these rocks to silhouette against the retreating sea.
Lake Ohau in New Zealand is a stunning backdrop at any time, but, when the sky lights up like this there is nowhere quite like it for shear jaw dropping beauty. It is a fantastic day in the office when nature puts on this kind of display.
Clouds and surf working in harmony for this image.
A particularly soft light over Lake Taupo and fast moving cloud allowed me to create a soft image to capture a very peaceful evening of photography.
The Taranaki area on the north island of New Zealand can be crystal clear one day and covered in cloud the next. This day had both with only a brief glimpse of Mt Taranaki in the afternoon allowing for a dramatic shot to include the Cape Lighthouse.
High up in the hills of Mt Taranaki sits this hut. The cloud was just starting to lift as I got to my spot for the days photography.
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