Two months back in Leithfield parked at the front of our house was, well, quite surreal really. We did spend a bit of time in the place sat in front of the fire watching the big TV, but, it just didn't feel right so we opted to continue living in the caravan instead. What was really great about this time though was that we got to really work out what we did and didn't need in the caravan after two months away.
The reason for coming back to Leithfield was two fold. Firstly Bec was finishing her horticultural course with final exams and secondly to, hopefully, sell the house. Naturally Bec passed her course with flying colours and thankfully we had an offer on the house which was accepted and completed once we were back on the road. 
It was a great couple of months catching up with friends and visiting the camera club, where I did a presentation on the first part of our trip which seemed to go down very well with club members :-). I also had some great fun catching up with one of my best buddies and embarking on some of our slightly mad photographic endeavours including destroying lightbulbs and exploding water balloons....boys will be boys!
As much as it was fun to catch up with everyone it was also nice to get back on the road again and continue our adventure :-)
Taken on the way back from a trip to see our son in Blenheim. The light was great as we came past Kaikoura
The Mt Cass walkway is a steep climb just north of Amberley, but you do great views
One of our mad photographic moments destroying light bulbs
A fun day out photographing motor sport with friends
One great weekend out with the Rangiora Photographic Society at Hanmer Springs. This was Lake Tennyson in the early afternoon
Artsy shot of some cups and saucers we found in the Beat Street Cafe, Christchurch
Pretty cold part of the year and this section of the Mt Cass walkway was in shade for most of the day so the flowers were covered in ice
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