Our journey over the last couple of years has taught us a lot about ourselves and we have realised more and more that our life on the road is not coming to an end anytime soon so those, absolute must keep items....well, they need to find new homes. 
Before tackling the mountain of items in storage we had some time around Nelson and enjoying beautiful little places like Mapua. The last time we were in Mapua there was a heap of building work going on around the place and we were a bit concerned that it would lose its charm. Needn't have worried though as the new building ties in perfectly with the old and now this great little place is buzzing with people most weekends enjoying coffee, wine, food and some stunning ice-creams.
It was only a couple of years ago that we happened across the Riwaka Resurgence and instantly fell in love with the place, as close to a cathedral like feeling in nature as you are likely to discover, no wonder the Maori hold this spot in such high regard. I did wonder if my memories of the place were through rose tinted glasses but it turned out to be even more peaceful and beautiful than I remembered. A cloudy day made for some perfect photographic opportunities as we spent a few lovely hours just enjoying the peace, quiet and saying hello to the occasional tourist. 
We used to live about an hours drive from Hanmer Springs meaning this was a place we had visited many times but never really stayed long to properly explore it. Three days is definitely not long enough to get out and about around this area so I'll be looking forward to getting back in to it later in the year. Undoubtedly the highlight of our few days were the two trips we made out to Lake Tennyson. The first day was constant rain, followed by a bit more rain and very low cloud......just how I wanted it to be as this makes for some dramatic photographic conditions. The next morning I headed back out for sunrise and what a difference a day makes as the whole area looks completely different and a lot less menacing when the sun is out!
Not so many images this month, and quite probably less next month as we continue the assault on our old possessions.......but then we will hit the road again.

First sunrise of March at a spot just outside of Blenheim

One of many vineyards around Blenheim

First time in the Cathedral at Nelson. This is one of those buildings that is a lot more impressive on the inside than it looks from the outside and well worth a visit.

A couple lighting candles for prayer were very kind in letting me capture the moment.

The tide was out as the sunset while I was at Motueka

I sat down by the river at the amazing Riwaka Resurgence, quite possible one of my favourite spots in all of the New Zealand

The water emerges at the Riwaka Resurgence after making its way through the Takaka Hill

Shipwreck in the bay at Motueka. By the looks of things it won't be too long before this whole structure disintegrates

I had intended to photograph the shipwreck at sunrise but then I spotted this small blue boat which looked a lot more appealing

Kaiteriteri is a hot spot for tourists during the summer and was still very busy on the day we visited.....I'll be looking forward to our next visit here in Winter when all of the tourists are elsewhere and we just share the beaches with the locals.

A wet and stormy day in the back hills of Hanmer Springs

Quite possibly one of the most photographed huts in the area......so I just had to add to the collection

Low clouds and a murky day

Someone, not us, braved the overnight lows at Lake Tennyson

So good to be back on the South Island. The landscape is so dramatic in comparison to the soft hills of the North Island.

Emerging above the clouds we could just make our Hanmer Springs below us as we made our way out of the valleys from a great day with the camera

Lake Tennyson about 3o minutes before the sun rose. Not a breath of wind made for a fantastically calm lake

As the sun came up behind me it lit up the hills for some great, very peaceful, reflections.

Cold conditions around Lake Tennyson make for some very hardy plants!

This was not a view I'd seen at New Brighton Pier before. We happened to arrive as the surf life saving championship was in full swing. There were lots and lots of tents lined up along the beach front.

One of many competitors making a dash for the line

As this fisherman worked away filleting fish at Akaroa the gulls would dive in any time he turned his back. I'm not sure who was enjoying the game more

Last light in Akaroa streamed across the hills. It was such a beautiful evening to be there with the camera and friends

One of those shots of this hut at the end of the pier that has been taken thousands of times but, strangely, not by me, until now.

Walking back through Akaroa town at night I spotted this single lamp lighting the inside of the shop window for quite an interesting scene

New Brighton Pier in the early morning

I am lucky enough to be staying on a friends farm for a while and this piece of old farm machinery keeps wanting to be photographed, who am I to argue.

Must have been a stormy day out to sea as the beach was littered with clumps of seaweed

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