I did say in last months blog that we will continue to be in the Canterbury area for most of the month but I would make a concerted effort to get out more and explore the area. Well, I did get to see some new places but probably not as many as I should have with various other commitments taking over.....really must try harder ;-)
Some highlights of the month were walking through the city seeing how a lot of the new building is changing the face of Christchurch. It is funny but somehow the botanical gardens are even more peaceful now than they used to be, perhaps it is that they are one of the few constants in the ever changing cityscape. 
I also ventured out further into North Canterbury and into, what felt like, the back of beyond. Still after 15 years in New Zealand it fascinates me how you really don't have to go far to find yourself in the middle of nowhere just surrounded by green hills, dirt tracks, sheep and a friendly farmer who seem to have way too much time to chat and an ability to cut a short story long with the best of them!
More students coming on board for the mentoring program which is fantastic. I love working with people and helping them on their various photographic journeys is a real pleasure which also tackles my own perceptions of what makes a great image....never a bad thing to keep learning.
A couple of formal photoshoots rounded out the month and then it was time to hitch up and head into what, I have no doubt, is going to be a very cold few months in Central Otago. That will definitely mean that next month there is going to be a lot more of my landscape photography to share with you.
Until then, here is a small collection of my favourite images from this months adventures.

The ever constant and peaceful botanical gardens which just change colour with the seasons

Thought I'd add a bit of me into this months images

Bright sunny day makes for interesting architecture images in Christchurch

A practical example on how getting low changes our view of the world in photography

Definitely some cool architecture around the city, the next few years should be very interesting

That's my mate, and yep, I do like him so he was the perfect subject for a street photography opportunity

Totally unplanned but each person framed was a golden opportunity for an image

A slightly different take on a street photography shot

Like most cities Christchurch is full of those contradictions that make for an interesting image. 

An autumn leaf

One very bleak morning on an east coast beach. 

Finally got the foggy morning I was looking for to isolate this tree in the landscape.....cows were an unexpected bonus

A morning out around the vineyards in what turned out to be decidedly wet weather!

Definitely wet

Pegasus Bay winery has beautiful grounds, wines not too bad either ;-)

Never quite sure why vehicles are left to rot in fields, but they do make interesting subjects.

One of a few images from a trip into the back country north of Christchurch.

The road that would take me down into the valley beyond the trees just captured by the sunlight

Hanging on

A celebration photoshoot for Matt and his trainer Vee

An artistic moment from the photoshoot

Matt and Tom showing what a few years of hard work and commitment can achieve

As we setup to take a few shots of the last light of the day the cows became curious

They became very curious!

Another location of soft hills heading out towards Oxford

One of my favourite images from an evening photoshoot heading towards Oxford 

Start of our journey south was solid rain but, naturally, it lifted just in time for Mt Cook. I never get tired of that view

We are so lucky in New Zealand to be welcomed by the most amazing scenery on our travels, does make me smile to think we will be in this environment for the next 3 months.

Long journey today, but oh so worth it.

Our first morning looking out over Cromwell. The fog had settled in the valley and from where we are up on the hillside it was a perfect view from the caravan window. I did go out and brave the -4 temperature, but only had to walk about 5 meters for this vantage point :-)

For years I've been seeing pictures of this very famous tree in Wanaka which has been captured millions upon millions of times but I've never been to see it. I finally got there this month and managed to bring to life my vision of how I should photograph it. To my fellow photographers who know me well, this will be my one and only visit to photograph it ;-)

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