Phew, that has been a busy month. I got home late yesterday after a week in Glen Murray on the North Island; more on that later, and realised I have only spent five nights at home in the last six weeks! 
The start of the month finished off the last few days of my trip to Christchurch to work with some of my students. Seeing the excitement on one particular students face at the realisation of how light is controlled with flash makes what I do totally worthwhile and I look forward to taking them further on their journey during next year.
Middle of October was spent at our favourite home away from home in Queenstown. We are very lucky to have a friend who travels extensively and has the most beautiful dog and home that needs looking after. Plenty of stormy days on this trip with some very cold days and more snow than we had seen for most of the winter. On one particularly weird weather day it all suddenly became calm late in the evening and there was an eerie silence as the clouds cleared to reveal a beautiful night sky and the lake like a mirror. If you are struggling to imagine what I was seeing for a few hours don't worry as one of my favourite images from this month will show you.
The final part of the month was spent on the North Island at Thundercross Valley Dirt Bike Park at Glen Murray which is an idyllic spot in the middle of nowhere between Auckland, Hamilton and Raglan. I had a wonderful week catching up with James and Mandy who I met while we toured the North Island in our caravan a few years ago and it was a pleasure to be able to help them with some new photography for the park. I am really very proud of what I've created for them this week so I have unashamedly devoted quite a few of this months images to them :-)

Loch Cameron near Mt Cook

Somewhere near Mt Cook on my return journey from Christchurch

On of my students lent me a book on abstract multiple exposures which was the inspiration for this image of a flax plant

Love the morning mist rising from the Clutha river 

Only a few minutes after this the mist cleared to reveal a pure blue sky

The Crown Range is spectacular on any occasion but when you come down through the clouds and look back, wow!

I had to go to Lake Hawea one stormy day, it was worth getting there early with the camera

Another image from the edge of Lake Hawea

If you were paying attention to this months blurb......this is the eerily quiet night overlooking Lake Wakatipu to Queenstown

Faith in her super model pose with the lights of Queenstown behind

When we mirror reality who knows what we will see in the skies above us.....eek!

The amazing road leading from Queenstown to Wanaka over the Crown Range

Product shot of my Rav4 Adventure up above the clouds on the Nevis Road........anyone know the marketing team at Toyota ;-)

...and this is why I went up the Nevis Road, wow, what a wonderful couple of hours that was

There is something very special about being able to stand in a spot and have that view

It's been a while but sometimes you just have to splash water to see how it comes out in a photograph

James overlooking the epic views at Thundercross

The park is huge and has a wide variety of landscape for riders to enjoy

The surrounding fields get quite wet when the river gets high!

Beautiful areas of native bush

Pip, one of their beautiful dogs. She's a bit shy but was curious about the camera so got in close while I was working

One of many riders to find themselves looking down the lens as they negotiated the tracks

Group of riders talking about their exploits and enjoying the stunning landscape

Rider takes to the air coming up the hill while his mate looks on

Tracks galore for the riders to explore

Wide open space one moment, trees and bush the next

They offer the chance to camp on the grounds too. Yep, you could be enjoying sunsets like this too.

It's not just for bikes as UTV's and quads also welcome. I'm looking forward to doing some more images of John and his friends when they visit my part of the South Island next year.......think I better get some more weather proofing gear sorted for the camera!

Experienced or new to bikes, young or old, male or female there are plenty of challenges to enjoy as this little one shows

One of my models for some planned photos over the weekend.....I had a lot of faith in both of the riders as I was not far from their landing zones at times

Really feels like you could be on a film set.......that view is amazing

Wherever you look there are vast landscapes and some intimate images of nature at her very best

Rocks of all shapes and sizes cover the area

There is work underway to convert the old woolshed into an eatery and cultural experience, this is a teaser to show the view you could have on the deck next season while enjoying some food and a cuppa.

A strangely prophetic image. This was my view taking off from Auckland to head home to Queenstown. Little did I know at this stage that almost four hours later I would be landing on the far runway like that other plane having been turned back because of bad weather.  Oh well there's always tomorrow.

The extra night at Thundercross, thank you James and Mandy for rescuing me from the airport, did give me the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous puppy who was born just four days earlier. The Mum is 15 years old......apparently that is 83 in human years.....eek!

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