This weekend I had the pleasure of being in Tekapo with a couple of my photography friends. We opted for simple but great accomodation at the YHA right on the shore front. When you really only intend to use your room as somewhere to catch a few hours of sleep it really is the perfect venue. 
One of the purposes of the trip was to get some astro photography in, with Tekapo being part of the dark sky project you would think that would be simple. Unfortunately the weather did not play nicely and thick freezing fog during the day and evening put paid to that option. Oh well, freezing fog does make for some very interesting photography options and an abundance of hoar frost made for some spectacular scenery.
There was plenty of good food, good wine, good company and plenty of laughs......what else can you ask for in a weekend away :-)
Enough of my waffling, here is a collection of images from my trip both to and at Tekapo.

You know it's going to be a good trip when you get this view just five minutes from your front door. Just three hours later I would be in Tekapo........well I would have been if I didn't keep stopping to take more photos!

There is something very surreal about hoar frost

My road ahead

Making my way up into the Lindis Pass

There is little doubt that guy had the best office view going on Friday ;-)

Rolling hills of snow and frost. The car said -7, add in wind chill it was......well, cold!

As I came over the Lindis Pass summit this was the view, wow

Once upon a time I kayaked on this water.....not today thank you

Yes, it is as cold as it looks

but, oh so beautiful

Somewhere behind all that cloud is Mt Cook. This is now the second trip where I haven't seen her, not impressed!

I had watched this scene for a while and kept my fingers crossed I could find a suitable spot, luckily I did

Finally to Tekapo three hours later than i anticipated, wow, what a welcoming view

Looking at these images it is difficult to believe that just three hours later the whole place was shrouded in fog

No words needed really

Yup, it was a cold night

Church of the Good Shepherd. Looks so peaceful without hundreds of tourists milling around the place

Enjoying and capturing the view

Lake Tekapo in strong light as the mist started to lift, spectacular

A peaceful moment

Rock emerging from the ice by the lake edge

Frozen trees emerging from the mist on the shore line

We were getting hopeful the mist was lifting

It does make a change from the usual blue sky images of Tekapo

Felt like I'd stepped into an episode of Game of and campervan's quickly destroy that illusion though ;-)

.......and then the mist rolled back in and the views disappeared for another day.....oh well, we'll just have to go back

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