Working with people to get an image is an incredibly rewarding and humbling opportunity as a photographer. No other form of photography puts you in the trust of someone else quite like creating an image of them.
The hidden eyes in this image worked perfectly to create a reclusive feel to this portrait
The hidden model theme continued with this soft light outdoor shoot. A very venerable portrait.
The final hidden model portrait shoot. All of these images designed to let the viewer create their own story for the image.
The classic moody headshot created with natural window light.
Musicians are fantastic to work with because they get completely lost in their music for great intensity.
Outdoor shoots can create some serious challenges, but also great opportunities. The huge rocks on this very bright day provided great areas of shadow to work with.
A classic shot that works well for this model with so many stories held in those eyes.
Sometimes it takes a prop to get the best out of a person. In this case the addition of the hat helped to completely free the fun side.
Working with natural light is so much fun and, on this cloudy day, gave beautiful soft light to work with creating this timeless image.
Some people you meet on the road have faces that just have to be photographed. Years of travel gave a wealth of stories and showed in every line on his face. He absolutely loved this candid image and decided it captured him perfectly.
This is from a couple shoot that provided the most laughs per minute I've ever had with clients. Certainly made capturing these genuine moments of laughter a lot easier.
Corporate shoots are also available and I am able to work to the lighting directions needed by the company.
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