We wanted to stay in the Kaikoura area as it is one that we have never really explored beyond a day trip. Found a lovely quiet little site north of Kaikoura at the end of a very tight and twisty 6km of gravel road....interesting! 
First time that we had zero reception on a site which I thought we'd find a little challenging, but it was actually quite nice not being able to access the internet permanently so felt very relaxed.
The area certainly didn't disappoint and we were able to do some lovely walks around the peninsula and have a few mornings of stunning sunrises that made an early start worthwhile. 
It would be wrong to go to Kaikoura and not enjoy the wonders of being so close to the seal colony, although I do think there are quite a few people eligible for the Darwin Awards as they get so close to these huge wild animals trying to get a selfie....mad! 
One of the funniest moments of this area was heading to Donegal House for a quiet afternoon of a pint of Guinness and proper pub lunch. Well, we got there and found the place was packed with silver hair brigade on a day out who wanted to listen to Daniel O'Donnel on the big screen and come and tell us how wonderful he is. We kept laughing about this afternoon for the rest of the week!
We only spent a week here, but it felt like a month as our pace of life slowed to zero again out in the middle of nowhere, now this is what our new life is all about :-)
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