September 2018 will definitely go down as a life changing month!! Central Otago had got to us. Not only had the last three months been the longest time we had stayed in one place over the last three and a half years it was also the first time that we really didn't feel like we wanted to hitch up and get moving again. It would seem that the magic of Central Otago had worked its way into our psyche and we did not want to give it up. 
The last few days of August found us looking at a couple of cute cottages around the area and we started the process of working out what we could do ready for an upcoming auction on a place we fell in love with. Unfortunately, but in hindsight fortunately, the house sold for far more than anyone expected and was beyond the top number we were willing to spend. Unperturbed we looked at option B, a brand new house in a little place called Roxburgh. 
Long story short, we were successful in our offer for this little bit of paradise and have spent most of the month either negotiating, signing paperwork or shifting boxes and furniture. In other words, photography has not really been my top priority. 
We've only been here for a week since we took possession of the place and have found the most amazing and friendly community. Some have noted we are little strange so will fit in perfectly. Others have described the community as a bit alternative and colourful, sounds great to me :-). 
All of this sudden change of life will mean that the caravan, our home for the last few years, will be mothballed ready for more adventures next year when I have no doubt we will get itchy feet and need to explore some areas we still haven't really seen yet. It will be amazing though to know we now have a base to come back to with a great big sofa and the most amazing views from the deck.
Even though photography has not been my top priority this month the camera was still never far away just in case something caught my eye. Not as many as normal but still some images of our travels up and down the country for you to enjoy.

Last light catching the hills surrounding Cromwell

Just keeping above water. Funnily enough I felt like that most of this fast moving month ;-)

An early start from Cromwell gave us lovely light through the mist at Lindis Pass

Lindis Pass

While in Canterbury we stay at a friends dairy farm. Kind of cute having these calves just a few meters from your door.....although potentially not at 2am on the first morning when they decided to let us know they were hungry! To be fair it was my fault having left the outside light on.

A very early start to avoid the gale force winds on one trip meant we passed this lake just at sunrise.

My good mate Pete looking after the youngsters, they're always happy when he turns up with the feed....funny that

I took this image as the sun streamed through the window catching the pen which has been well used this month

Not all mornings are sunny on the farm!

Not a bad view to greet us on our first morning in our new house

Another view straight from the deck of our new place

Sheltered in the house gave lovely views of the rainbow as yet another rain front came through. 

The Clutha River winds its way through the Teviot Valley. This view is just a 30 minute walk from the house

The view back to Roxburgh with the mighty Clutha River. 

Another misty morning view

Just love the schist rock which is scattered across the local landscape

For once I couldn't see Mt Cook as I passed Lake Pukaki, it was still a stunning view though.

We quite often complain about power lines getting in the way of an image. The solution is to make them the image :-)

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