Taupo was our home for a couple of weeks based at a site near the airport. Being at the airport wasn't really a problem, other than the occasional very early alarm call as one of the helicopters took off!
This was a great area to base ourselves from to enjoy some of the tourist options. First on the list was a visit to the amazingly powerful Huka Falls and the Aratiatia River which are both used to generate hydro power for the region. The Aratiatia one is amazing as they have diverted the river from its normal course to generate the power, however, four times a day they release a sudden torrent of water down the original river route turning it from a bone dry valley to a wall of water in a matter of moments. We missed the start of it unfortunately so will have to go back at some point to make sure we get the whole show.
Other highlights of this area where a number of walks by and around Lake Taupo, a trip out to Rotorua (which didn't smell as much as I remembered from our previous visit), various eateries and generally relaxing.
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