Wanganui doesn’t get the greatest of reviews by people so we weren’t too sure what to expect. Well, I am happy to report, that Wanganui is a great place full of nice small parks, great coffee and really friendly people. 
Always cool to be in a new place and take a trip to the information centre before embarking on a cultural walk around the place. There was a Christmas Market on one day, not much at the market, but really nice to walk around the centre and get a stunning coffee which we had sat by the river. 
One highlight was taking a walk along a tunnel to New Zealands only underground lift which takes you up to a viewing tower overlooking the city… was a lot of steps getting back down again! We will definitely head back there at some point to do some more exploring but, Taranaki calls so that is where we are off to next.
Last light capturing the grass by Castelcliff beach
One of the many pieces of driftwood on Castlecliff beach
The tunnel to the only underground lift in New Zealand. 
Ducklings encountered on one of our walks around the town by a small lake.
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